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The Spiritual Night Shift

Assistance can take place either in person or energetically. It can also take place either during your waking or sleeping hours. When you’re awake, it’s easier to tell who you’re helping and how. It’s when you’re asleep and when your dream states meld with your healing states, that it can cause confusion as to what’s actually happening on the spiritual planes – during sleep.

Signs that you’re working on The Spiritual Night Shift

There are tell-tale signs that you’re assisting others and also working on your ‘own ascension’ process, during sleep:

  • You feel physically exhausted after waking from sleep
  • You can recall being in deep conversation during your dream states
  • You literally feel like you’ve done a whole night’s work, while being asleep
  • You can recall giving healings in your dreams.
  • You may awaken with sore muscles and unusual cuts and bruises, that you don’t remember receiving
  • You may experience a broken sleep, where you have busy dreams, wake up for 30 minutes and then go back in. This cycle repeats
  • You can recollect having lucid dreams, which become the precursor to ‘intense’ out of body experiences

Bringing The Power Back Home to You – Your Ascension Process

What’s important is that you realize that you’re in charge of your ascension process here on Earth, with ‘ascension’ being the evolution of your conscious awareness. To ascend in self-knowing is part of the divine purpose and life path of every soul. Understanding this, immediately frees you to direct how and when you choose to develop your deeper unfolding of soul’s plan and mission this lifetime.

As energy being first and foremost, it’s vital that you take responsibility for the health and vitality of your thoughts, actions and energy field. What I like to do each day is a simple practice to ‘bring the power back home’. For inevitably, no matter how diligent you are with your energy practices, there may be some aspects of your energy that go out to people or situations, during any given day or night. You may be giving over your energy without realizing that it’s sapping your life force. This can deplete you and create tiredness and uncertainty. But, you can turn it all around simply each day, by taking yourself through this energy practice. It’s just as important as eating breakfast or having a shower.

The daily process

To do this – close your eyes, place your hands over your belly and say, ‘I bring the power back home to me, up-shifted and cleansed in the light. Wherever it’s been siphoned off over the past 24 hours, I bring it back home to me through all time and space’.

Take a few deep breaths in and out of your belly and feel your entire energy field fill up with light. See your energy returning to you and you’ll notice how your spine strengthens, how your shoulders roll back and how much taller and lighter you become.

Then go about your day, using your awareness, as you notice situations where you’re called to offer your energy. Choose wisely who you help, how you help and where your energy is going through your repetitive thoughts and actions. Discipline yourself each day.

Directing your Dreams

You can also decide before you go to sleep what you choose to focus upon in your dream state. For indeed, acting out of future, past and present scenarios and choice points (within your dreams) helps you to make wiser choices in your waking reality. Ensure that your bedroom is uncluttered and is a calm and peaceful space. I like to mist my room with essential oils, such as lavender and chamomile before sleep. Turning off your devices and not looking at screens, also helps to ensure that you enjoy a positive dream experience. And reading your favorite spiritual text before sleep is a great way to put you in a conducive state for healing and insightful dreaming.

Right before you start drifting off, decide what it is that you would like to work on during your sleep state. Saying it out aloud helps, or you can write it down and put it under your pillow. For example, you can say, ‘Tonight I ask to receive answers and insight on… (insert the particular life issue that you need help with)’.

Then focus upon being open to receiving love and support during your dream state. Envision a beautiful light pink bubble of light emanating from your heart and surrounding your energy field – then enjoy your dream experiences.

When you awaken (whatever time that may be) before you move or jump out of bed, take a moment and recall your dreams. Go back over what just happened. Notice the images and most importantly the feelings that you had during your dreams. It’s the feelings that tell you what it is you need to know. The feelings contain your answers.

Healthy Sleep – Love Your Sleep Pattern

And lastly, know that everyone has and ‘will have’ a very different sleep pattern. There’s no ‘one normal’ sleep pattern to try and emulate. Indeed, when you’re actively engaged in spiritual ascension, you’ll likely have the most vivid and wildly swinging sleep patterns of your life – expect this to happen. You’ll get used to it and you’ll begin to go easy on yourself, as you implement different daily physical routines that can ensure your sleep is as supported as possible.

Personally, I stretch and do Pilates at home every day. I walk daily, drink lots of water, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol, am a vegan, I meditate and am involved in work (each day) that inspires and uplifts myself and others. I have a relaxing bedroom, a good bed and a supportive pillow. I do what I can to ensure a restful night’s sleep and yet, I still have many ‘busy and often exhausting’ nights when I’m out on the ethers, personally expanding and helping others as well.

I’ve accepted that ‘The Spiritual Night Shift’ does and will continue to happen. I use the techniques that I’ve listed in this blog to make it a more conscious and less jarring experience. I know that when you implement this higher awareness, it will help you too.

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