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How To Remove a Curse and Change Your Luck

Have you had a run of bad luck recently? Can’t seem to make any progress? Maybe you’ve started wondering if you’ve been cursed. Or perhaps you have good reason to believe that a particular person has performed black magic and hexed you? Find out how to remove a curse, or hex, clear out any negative energy, and change your luck for the better.

Before going into the nitty-gritty of how to remove a curse, firstly it is highly likely that you aren’t cursed at all. You may be simply caught up in a negative cycle. Feeling as if you are a victim, or that things are going against you leads to negative thinking and negative expectations. These, in turn, cause more bad stuff to manifest. Don’t worry, we can deal with that kind of thing too.

What’s the Difference Between a Hex and a Curse

Not much really. A hex is a deliberate spell worked against you. Someone will have taken the time and trouble to construct a ritual to direct harm against you. A curse is more of a throwaway declaration, usually made in anger. They can be just as strong as hexes because of the energy and intent behind them.

Energy is energy; it is generally neutral. Yet it is possible to attract negatively charged energy when you are feeling negative yourself. Remember that like attracts like. So if you are habitually occupying the lower end of the emotional guidance scale, then you are going to get more of the same. It is easy, when caught in a ‘down’ cycle to believe you have been cursed or are having a seemingly endless run of bad luck.

There is also something called a ‘psychic attack’, which can be deliberate or accidental. Some people naturally carry negative vibes around with them and these can attach themselves to you. I’m sure you’ve met people who have left you feeling awful.

Do Curses Always Work

No, it depends on whether you are usually upbeat and positive-thinking, or wallowing around in that negative energy. Think of how easy it is to shake off a cold virus when you are strong and healthy. Yet when you are feeling lethargic and lacking physical energy, you seem to catch everything that’s going around. It’s the same with hexes and curses. They can only attach themselves to you if you are unable to ward them off. Like attracts like, remember?

I Really Need to Remove a Curse

Okay, well, it won’t hurt to perform these curse-removing rituals and they will help you to clear out any current negativity. Think of it as pressing the ‘reset’ button on your energy levels. It should bring you back to a neutral position on the emotional guidance scale, and from there you can take steps to improve your outlook.

Curse Removal: Clean Up Your Home

This may seem a little odd and overly simple, but often a good house cleaning, followed by placing positive energy attracting crystals around your home will raise the energetic vibrations around you.

Simply by opening the windows, dusting and breathing in clean air will cause a mild curse or hex to evaporate. Using protective crystals around your home helps to ward off negative energy.

Try this method first but if it doesn’t work, move on to the next.

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